2020 economic recovery plan

Last updated April 6, 2021
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Due to the unprecedented health and economic crisis, Montréal has implemented a recovery plan. The plan, titled “A Boost for the City: Acting Now” consists of 20 measures to support organizations, business owners and businesses in the Montréal agglomeration.

The plan is the result of major mobilization from Montréal’s business community and has three objectives: 

  • Stabilizing and supporting the economy, short term
  • Reinventing the city’s economic development 
  • Mobilizing all partners for green and inclusive economic development

20 tangible support measures

To support the economic ecosystem, the city has implemented 20 measures that represent a total investment of nearly $22 million through its Réflexe Montréal agreement with the government of Québec. These measures, which are organized under four areas of focus, will be launched over a six-month period and set out developmental steps for the long term.

Focus area 1: Putting business at the heart of recovery ($5.6 million)

Measure #1. Support Montréal’s commercial development corporations and the Association des Sociétés de développement commerciales de Montréal (ASDCM)
Measure #2. Support the implementation of new, creative experiences on commercial streets - Learn more (in French)
Measure #3. Make urban delivery service by bike or zero-carbon transportation permanent - Learn more (in French)
Measure #4. Create a centralized source for data about commercial occupancy
Measure #5. Promote temporary or transitory occupancy of vacant spaces
Measure #6. Improving social funding campaigns to support the reopening of businesses - Learn more (in French)
Measure #7. Develop an economic policy around nightlife

Focus area 2: Helping companies do business differently ($4.8 million)

Measure #8. Increase guidance for Montréal companies with a view to resilience and innovation - Free support and access to microcredit
Measure #9. Stimulate innovation by helping startups work with large organizations - Learn more
Measure #10. Increase support for social economy companies - Learn more

Focus area 3: Reinventing the area’s economic development ($10.5 million)

Measure #11. Launch a strategy to promote circular economy - Learn more (in French)
Measure #12. Accelerate planning and decontamination of commercial vacant lots in eastern Montréal - Learn more
Measure #13. Promote innovative development and sustainable mobility practices
Measure #14. Launch the artists’ workshop program
Measure #15. Launch the program for private theatres, alternative showrooms and independent movie theatres - Learn more
Measure #16. Support transitory occupancy projects

Focus area 4: Mobilizing the economic ecosystem and stimulating renewed economic engagement ($1.1 million)

Measure #17. Support Montréal’s international economic growth and the internationalization of its companies - Learn more
Measure #18. Implement and support tangible creation and data sharing
Measure #19. Support the development of new skills to meet the needs of companies and workers - Learn more
Measure #20. Develop a directory of urban solutions in collaboration with the research community

All of the city’s leverage for recovery

Montréal is mobilizing all of its services, assets and tools for economic recovery, in particular through infrastructure projects, innovative housing projects and initiatives for the arts and tourism.  

As well, a number of financial incentives for private investments in the areas of business, social economy, sustainable building and land rehabilitation will contribute to recovery efforts.

The city is also launching a project to improve its supply processes through local, responsible purchasing. 

Taxation is another economic development tool through which the city is assessing possible ways of taking part in recovery. To this end, it has already postponed the deadline for real estate taxes and commercial development corporation dues.

Montréal also plans to develop very short-term design solutions for public areas on commercial streets in order to integrate and organize outdoor spaces for food, drink and sales. 

See the full version of the recovery plan (in French)

See the summary version of the recovery plan

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