2022-2030 Downtown Strategy

Montréal is launching major initiatives and identifying areas of interest to renew its downtown strategy. The objective: to adapt the revitalization of the city’s economic and cultural heart to the current situation and to new trends.

Six dimensions of revitalizing the downtown area

The downtown core is a strategic district that has undergone multiple transformations, some of which have accelerated with the health crisis: digitization of the economy, climate change, demographic growth, regionalization of certain urban activities, etc. 

In order to develop a guiding strategy that addresses current and foreseen changes, Montréal is calling on all downtown socio-economic stakeholders to help develop a renewed vision and strategic directions. 

To this end, six major areas of interest have been identified in the following themes:

  • Leading centre of economic activity, knowledge and innovation
  • Diverse, active living spaces
  • User-friendly, inclusive, low-carbon mobility paths
  • A vibrant downtown that stands out for its cultural and creative vitality in all seasons
  • A heritage that is both unique and showcased
  • An urban form with a distinctive, high-quality built environment.

The downtown area is a living space for many client groups: merchants, workers, students, citizens, visitors, etc. To remain attractive, it must offer them a wide range of services and high-quality, inclusive facilities. For example, by rethinking the vocation of office buildings, by enhancing the development of public spaces and major thoroughfares, by diversifying its residential offer and its green spaces, this key sector will better respond to the varied needs of current and future users.

This strategy is consistent with various city plans, including Montréal 2030 and the Land Use and Mobility Plan.

Mobilizing the downtown ecosystem

The city is inviting socio-economic stakeholders to discuss the vision and directions in a series of consultation workshops, details of which will follow. In the meantime, you can consult the document “Toward a Renewed 2022-2030 Downtown Strategy” (in French) to fully grasp the challenges and opportunities of the downtown area and reflect on the future.