Avenue des Pins Project : Status and impacts

Last updated July 28, 2021
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Construction on Avenue des Pins could impact your day-to-day routine. Here’s everything you need to know.

Work to upgrade underground infrastructure and redesign public spaces will continue on Avenue des Pins, between Rue Saint-Denis and Boulevard Saint-Laurent, into 2022. A second phase, between Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Avenue du Parc, will begin in 2022 and continue until 2023. 

The water and sewer systems will be rebuilt, underground technical networks (natural gas, electrical and telecommunications conduits) will be upgraded, and lead water service lines will be replaced in the affected areas. 

In addition to this necessary work, the city will take the opportunity to: 

  • Create public spaces 
  • Widen the sidewalks 
  • Install raised pedestrian crosswalks 
  • Build curb extensions 
  • Put in place protected unidirectional bicycle paths 
  • Install bicycle racks and street furniture (e.g. benches) 
  • Update street lighting and traffic signal systems 
  • Plant more than 150 trees.

What’s new on the job sit

Here you will find the latest news from the construction site and learn about actions the city is taking to mitigate the project’s impacts.

Work in progress 

Between Rue Saint-Denis and Boulevard Saint-Laurent: 

  • Preparatory work starts in the week of July 12, 2021
  • Complete closure begins August 2, 2021

Work Schedule 

  • Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
  • Possibility of work on evenings and weekends

Work between Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Avenue du Parc will begin in 2022.

Getting around during the project 

  • Avenue des Pins will be closed to traffic between Rue Saint-Denis and Boulevard Saint-Laurent from August 2, 2021 to November 2022. 
  • Traffic on the north-south cross streets will be maintained, with the exception of one street closed at a time as the work progresses. 
  • Pedestrian access to homes, shops and other buildings will be maintained at all times. The people in charge of the work will collaborate closely with merchants and institutions to minimize unforeseen obstructions of their buildings and impacts on their activities. 

Anticipated impacts

  • A few short water cuts (between two and 12 hours duration) are to be expected during the infrastructure work (summer and fall 2021). 
  • The passage of trucks and use of generators and fans could cause noise.
  • Truck traffic, excavation and compaction could cause vibrations.

Information session about redevelopment work on Avenue des Pins

Visionnez la dernière séance d’information portant sur les travaux à venir sur l’avenue des Pins, entre le boulevard Saint-Laurent et l’avenue du Parc, qui s’est déroulée le 7 avril 2022.

To watch the first virtual information session on the Avenue des Pins project (April 7, 2021), click here (In french).


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