Delivery platforms : useful solutions for restaurant owners

Last updated October 20, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

Hard-hit by the pandemic, Montréal restaurant owners can take advantage of affordable ordering and delivery service platforms. These platforms offer fairer commissions and let users reduce their operating costs. It’s also a great way to encourage Montréal-based businesses.

For restaurant owners, the Montréal ordering and delivery platforms offer much better commissions and are simple to use. Some of these platforms rest on a cooperative model, which ensures fairer transactions between restaurants and delivery companies. Other tools offer more environmentally friendly delivery options.

Maximize visibility

An online presence lets restaurant owners maximize their visibility, in the pandemic context marked by a rise in use of digital technology. These platforms are alternatives to the big players : They provide an online ordering and payment service where customers consult the menu and place their order directly.

Other companies offer delivery service only and partner with platforms that handle orders and payments.

Find out about the specifics of each platform :

  • À la carte express : Online ordering and delivery service, mobile app
  • Chasseurs Courrier : Bike delivery
  • CHK PLZ : Online ordering service, contactless payment tool, delivery by partner services, mobile app
  • Eva : Cooperative, delivery service, mobile app
  • Pizzli : Online ordering service, delivery by partner services, mobile app
  • Radish : Co-operative, online ordering and delivery service
  • Resto Loco : Online ordering and delivery service, mobile app
  • Ueat : Online ordering service, mobile app
  • Myr : Online ordering service, payment tool