Écocentre Saint-Laurent: Giving gypsum a second life

Last updated March 14, 2022
Reading time: 1 min

Did you know that gypsum board debris can be transformed to enrich farmland or used as absorbent material by pumping companies and commercial garages? The Écocentre Saint-Laurent is participating in a pilot project to give gypsum a second life.

At the city’s écocentres, gypsum waste is deposited in the same containers as other recyclable building materials. As a result, it may be contaminated by these materials.

As part of a pilot project that will run until August 2022, the Écocentre Saint-Laurent is handling gypsum separately from other construction debris. This sorting process improves the quality of recycled gypsum and increases its potential for reuse. Gypsum powder is recycled into a product that enriches farm soil, and paper is recycled into absorbent material that is used by pumping companies and commercial garages.

To ensure that the gypsum is clean and contaminant-free, please separate the gypsum from your debris before bringing it to the Écocentre Saint-Laurent.

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