Express Bike Network: Improvements along the Avenue Viger and Rue Saint-Antoine

Last updated November 14, 2023
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The portion of the Express Bike Network (EBN), built in 2022 over a distance of about 1.5 km in Ville-Marie, will be completed this summer. Concrete dividers will be added and traffic lanes, including bike lanes, will be paved.

The EBN facilitates east-west transit and provides a safe, efficient and user-friendly bike route to major institutions in the downtown area.

About this project


August to November 2023


  • On Avenue Viger between Côte du Beaver-Hall and Rue Jeanne-Mance
  • On Rue Saint-Antoine between Rue Square-Victoria and Rue Saint-Urbain


The project includes: 

  • Complete repair of the roadway
  • Building concrete docks and curbs at intersections 
  • Developing new electric charging stations
  • Creating tree-planting pits
  • New road markings (lines and pictograms, including the EBN’s signature blue lines)


The EBN clearly delineates the space reserved for each method of transportation, whether you are travelling on foot, by bike, by bus or by car. Improvements to existing infrastructures will make travel safer not only for cyclists, but also for pedestrians and public transportation users.

Final layout

Portions of the EBN on Rue Viger and Rue Saint-Antoine will be developed over the next few years due to other projects in the area, including the redevelopment of Place des Montréalaises and repair work on viaducts over the Ville-Marie tunnel.
Eventually, the EBN in Ville-Marie will be connected to Le Sud-Ouest up to Rue De Courcelle via the downtown area.

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