Getting around during COP15: What you need to know

Last updated November 26, 2022
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Montréal is taking several actions to minimize the impact on traffic around the Palais des congrès, where the 15th UN Conference on Biodiversity (COP15) will be held.

Fenced-off area

A fenced-off area around the Palais des Congrès will provide secure access for authorized people during COP15. There are several openings along the fence, allowing access to the sidewalks and businesses along the fenced-off area.

Traffic and closures

An important police presence will streamline traffic to ensure that the downtown core remains enjoyable and that stores and restaurants remain operational during this busy end-of-year period.

  • Local traffic will be maintained at all times in the area.
  • One lane remains open to traffic along Rue Saint-Antoine and Avenue Viger, between Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle and Saint-Urbain.
  • Rue Saint-Urbain remains open to traffic in both directions.


The parking lot of the Palais des congrès will be reserved for authorized users as of December 1.

Bike traffic

Bike traffic is maintained on the REV along Avenue Viger and Rue Saint-Antoine.

Public transit

As requested by authorities, Place-d’Armes metro station will closed from December 1 to December 20th. Subway trains will run from Champ-de-Mars to Square-Victoria-OACI, without stopping at Place-d’Armes, in either direction.

STM schedules and routes will be amended. Info: or STM-INFO (514-786-4636). 

Waste and recyclable material

Collection services will be maintained as scheduled. 


Residents may contact 311 for more information.

Plan your trips

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