Maisons de la culture: Development vision 2022-2030

Last updated June 10, 2022
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Our Maisons de la culture are wide open, giving Montrealers across the city opportunities to experience and enjoy all forms of the arts and culture. Discover the 2022-2030 development vision and its four main priorities.

Our vision

In 2030, Montrealers will be well aware of the Maisons de la culture and recognize them as the main gateway to arts and culture in the city’s neighbourhoods. These cultural centres will encourage residents to actively participate in culture. Local partners will naturally team up with the Maisons de la culture to integrate arts and culture into daily life in Montréal.

The pillars 

Accessibility and proximity

The Maisons de la culture are key destinations where Montrealers can enjoy inexpensive arts and culture experiences in every neighbourhood. 

Inclusion and equity

The Maisons de la culture welcome people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

Connection and communities

The Maisons de la culture create even more opportunities for meetings and dialogue between the population and artists. 

Excellence and innovation

The Maisons de la culture are consulted to provide expertise to all the city’s departments, their stakeholders and their many partners.

The Maisons de la culture: Places for discovery and dialogue

Over 60 sites associated with the Maisons de la culture let you discover the arts and culture in all of the city’s neighbourhoods. The centres offer a broad range of activities including shows, exhibitions and workshops.

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