Prix du livre jeunesse: 2022 edition

Last updated October 18, 2022
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Find out which children’s book was the winner and which books made the list of finalists in the 2022 edition of the Prix du livre jeunesse, presented by the city’s libraries.

Titles selected by librarians

The jury for the Prix du livre jeunesse, presented by Montréal’s libraries is made up of five librarians from the city network. The jury members have selected five books for young readers that stand out for their exceptional quality and originality. From these finalists, one winning title has been designated.

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The winning book

La fin des poux?, by Orbie (text and illustrations), Éditions Les 400 coups

La fin des poux?, de Orbie (texte et illustrations), Éditions Les 400 coups

Jury comments

“What an adventure! Against the backdrop of a pandemic,the author tells a tale of lice’s multiple attempts to prevent their tribe from going extinct, as the new distancing standards threaten their survival. The poor children can no longer get close to them, so how can the lice find a new food source? From funny situations to all kinds of jokes, the 1,001 details in the illustrations, which work almost like a treasure hunt, will delight readers of all ages. A wonderful addition to your bookshelf. It will let you look back on this special period with a smile. It’ll be alright…. except for the lice!”

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Photo credit: Sarah Lacroix

Finalist books

Léonore, by Linda Amyot, Leméac Éditeur

Léonore, de Linda Amyot, Leméac Éditeur

Jury comments

“Every morning, Léonore leaves home and goes to school. It’s not easy because she and her family have recently experienced a tragedy that has turned their lives upside down. Since then, her mother has been hiding away in her room and her father is almost never home. As a result, Léonore feels invisible, despite her grandmother’s support. Léonoreis a novel written in a sensitive and gentle style. It tells the tale of a young girl who is resilient despite the events she has lived through. Theauthor’s text also highlights friendships, the transition to high school, and support received in a very unexpected way.”

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Photo credit: Jacques Frenette

Papier bulle, by Simon Boulerice (text) and Eve Patenaude (illustrations), Éditions XYZ

Papier bulle, de Simon Boulerice (texte) et Eve Patenaude (illustrations), Éditions XYZ

Jury comments

Simon Boulerice is back with a wonderful children’s book on the themes of difference and empathy. Beautifully illustrated byEve Patenaude, Papier bulle deals with hemophilia, a subject that is rarely explored in children’s literature, but which is so essential. With gentleness and poetry, the author introduces us to the world of Hortense. This beautiful young girl is certainly ill. Yet she is gifted with an incredible sense of repartee and humor combined with strength and resilience. With her head full of dreams, she is passionate about the art of bleeding, a particular drawing technique. The text and the illustrations respond remarkably well to each other. That’s part of what sets this unique and accessible book apart and makes it a must-read.”

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Photo credit: Julie Artacho (Simon Boulerice and Eve Patenaude)

À qui appartiennent les nuages, by Mario Brassard (text) and Gérard Dubois (illustrations), Éditions de La Pastèque

À qui appartiennent les nuages, de Mario Brassard (texte) et Gérard Dubois (illustrations), Éditions de La Pastèque

Jury comments

“Above all, this book is captivating because of its topical subject: A family flees their village during the war. The story, narrated by a young child, takes place in a bygone era, and the black and white illustrations perfectly capture the atmosphere of the story. Touches of color are used sparingly, and effectively highlight key elements of the story.Mario Brassard’s text, which shines brightly despite the theme, is poetic, well balanced, and the words are chosen with care. Combined withGérard Dubois’ illustrations, the book, as a whole, creates a story that will stay with readers for a long time.”

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Photo credit: Julia Marois (Gérard Dubois)

Truffe, by Fanny Britt (text) and Isabelle Arsenault (illustrations), Éditions de La Pastèque

Truffe, de Fanny Britt (texte) et Isabelle Arsenault (illustrations), Éditions de La Pastèque

Jury comments

“Three short stories featuring Truffe, a sensitive and curious little boy who adores rock and pizza! With his band Les plantes carnivores, he dreams of success and glory: but he still has to learn to play a musical instrument! This author-illustrator duo has already proven themselves, and you’ll be charmed byFanny Britt’s humorous writing andIsabelle Arsenault’s soft, detailed illustrations. To enhance your reading experience, Les plantes Carnivores has recorded a song, Tellement heureux: A real earworm!”

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Photo credit: Justine Latour (Fanny Britt) and Joannie Lafrenière (Isabelle Arsenault)


The jury for the Montréal libraries’ 2022 Prix du livre jeunesse is made up of:

  • Marie-Michèle Bernier, Bibliothèque du Vieux-Saint-Laurent
  • Élise Gauvreau-Gervais, Bibliothèque Jacqueline-de-Repentigny
  • Isabelle Jameson, Bibliothèque Le Prévost
  • Mélanie Poitras, Bibliothèque L’Octogone
  • Stéphanie Simard, Bibliothèque de Côte-des-Neiges