Réseau express vélo : Portion 2 - Avenue Viger and Rue Saint-Antoine in VM

Last updated June 27, 2022
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Portion 2 of REV or Réseau express vélo will take shape this fall in Ville-Marie. Existing bike lanes will be made safer over a 1.5 km distance.

The REV will facilitate eastbound and westbound traffic and connect users to large downtown institutions such as the CHUM and the Palais des congrès.

All about the project


  • Beginning July 2022


  • On Avenue Viger and Rue Saint-Antoine, between Rue McGill and Rue Berri


  • Unidirectional bike paths in the same traffic direction as cars (westbound on Avenue Viger and eastbound on Rue Saint-Antoine.)
  • Enough width for cyclists to pass each other
  • Improving road surfaces where necessary
  • Planting trees and shrubs at certain intersections

Traffic and parking after construction

The new design will involve certain changes to the road:

  • Avenue Viger: Removal of one lane of traffic
  • Rue Saint-Antoine: Removal of a parking lane during rush hour for traffic 
  • Maintaining 93 parking spaces out of 140. Some parking spaces must be removed due to the width of the street and to ensure that vehicles can pass through intersections
  • Relocating electric charging stations onto neighbouring streets


To develop a safe bike route by:

  • Slowing car traffic using concrete protectors at certain intersections and narrowing lanes
  • Creating a buffer zone between the parking lane and the bike path
  • Adjusting pre-programmed traffic lights

Eventually, portion 2 of the REV will be connected to Le Sud-Ouest via the downtown area.


In order to make part of the bike path available this year, the work will be done in two phases. Starting in July, traffic lights will be moved and reprogrammed, markings (lines and pictograms on the ground) will be painted, and new signs will be installed on the following sections:

  • Avenue Viger, between Rue De Bullion and Côte du Beaver Hall
  • Rue Saint-Antoine, between Square-Victoria and Boulevard Saint-Laurent

In 2023, work will continue with the construction of malls (concrete elements at sidewalk height, such as platforms and low walls to make the bike path safer) at intersections and refurbishment of the road surface.

Impact on your daily life:


  • Work will start in the east and progress toward the west
  • Partial obstruction of one traffic lane is possible
  • When the lane is closed, follow the detour provided


Parking spaces may temporarily be used for equipment and to provide a safe perimeter around the work site. Read the on-site signage for details.

Access to buildings

Where sidewalks are obstructed, temporary crossings will allow access to residences and other establishments.

Waste, recyclables and compostables

Collections will take place on the usual schedule.

 Construction schedule

Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Certain operations, such as road marking, may be done in the evening, night or on weekends.

Construction notices

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Part of construction has already been completed as part of the redesign of Square Viger.

Redeveloping the area around Place des Montréalaises

Due to construction to build the future Place des Montréalaises over the next several years, the final development of the REV will take place at the end of this project. Until then, there will be a bike path during construction.

Information Session

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View it here:

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