Responsible landlord certification: Keeping multi-unit buildings in good shape

To promote access to healthy, safe and affordable housing, the city is rolling out the “Responsible Landlord” project in 2024.

Project overview 

  • The project is the latest in a series of city initiatives concerning sanitary housing. 
  • The project targets Montréal rental buildings with 6 or more units.


  • Holding landlords of multi-unit buildings accountable 
  • Reducing the number of unsanitary and poorly maintained dwellings 
  • Improving housing conditions while maintaining affordability 
  • Increasing transparency


The first phase in 2024 targets buildings with 100 units or more.

Preventive action 

By increasing the number of pre-emptive inspections, the city is taking action to prevent sanitation issues. These preventive inspections will collect more detailed information about the city’s building stock and help detect unsanitary conditions.

A complementary initiative 

This project is the latest action taken by the city against unsanitary housing conditions, in addition to sanitation inspections, notices of deterioration and performing necessary work that landlords neglect to have done.  

Learn more about the city’s role in sanitation: Sanitation, maintenance and safety of dwellings.

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