Responsible landlord certification: Keeping multi-unit buildings in good shape

To promote access to safe, healthy, and affordable housing, Montréal wants to make owners of multi-unit buildings more accountable. To do so, it will require them to obtain responsible landlord certification, and will introduce a rent registry.

Broad outlines of the project

  • This new certification will apply to rental buildings with eight or more units, which represents about 35 per cent of Montréal’s housing units.
  • The landlords concerned will have to confirm that their building(s) and their units are being well maintained, and must commit to making the necessary repairs, when required. They will also have to disclose the amounts of their rents.
  • Landlords can apply for certification online. Certification must be renewed every five years.
  • Certification status and rental amounts will be available online.
  • The city will put in place rigorous monitoring measures to ensure that property owners meet their commitments.


Implementation is expected to begin in early 2023, and will be phased in over a five-year period, starting with the largest buildings (100 units or more).

Combat neglect and abuse

For landlords who are already acting responsibly, obtaining certification will be easy. 

In contrast, negligent landlords will be required to improve their dwellings and perform preventive maintenance.

This process should also help tenants find adequate housing.

Project objectives

  • Make multi-unit landlords more accountable
  • Reduce the number of unsanitary and poorly maintained housing units
  • Improve the condition of housing while keeping it affordable
  • Increase transparency

A complementary tool

These new provisions will be incorporated into the By-law concerning the sanitation and maintenance of dwellings. 

Certification and the registry are the latest additions to the multiple tools that the city uses to combat unsanitary conditions: health inspections, notices of deterioration, work done in place of the owner.

Learn more about the city’s role in sanitation: Sanitation, maintenance and safety of dwellings.

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