Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest: Water main reconstruction

Last updated May 30, 2022
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The Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest construction site to rebuild a primary drinking water main is located at the border of Le Sud-Ouest and Westmount. Lead water service lines will also be replaced.

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August to December 2021

Mid-March to June 2022


Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest, from Avenue Atwater to Rue Bourget


  • Reconstruction of the water main
  • Replacing lead water service lines
  • Dismantling and building water main chambers (underground rooms that are used to operate the waterworks systems) 
  • Replacing certain fire hydrants
  • Rebuilding part of the sewer



A temporary water supply network will be installed so that water can be distributed during the construction project.


The water main underneath Rue Saint-Antoine, which was repaired following a major breakage in 2016, needs to be rebuilt in order to: 

  • Ensure continuous supply of large volumes of drinking water from city production plants and reservoirs. 
  • Improve the reliability of the network and ensure ongoing distribution of quality drinking water in sufficient quantity. 
  • Ensure reliability of firefighting services.
  • Maintaining quality service for later generations. 
  • Reduce the frequency of emergency work to repair broken water mains or drinking water leaks.

Introduction Letter

Work progress and impacts on everyday life

The city is launching solutions to reduce the impact of construction on your daily life. Read our article to learn more about the progress of the construction site and the most recent communications sent to area residents.