Rue Sainte-Catherine and Rue Atateken: Rehabilitation of collector sewers

Last updated September 28, 2022
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Located in Ville-Marie, this work site is aimed at rehabilitating brick collector sewers with the goal of optimizing sewer services for residents.

Montréal still has century-old collector sewers made of brick, including on Rue Sainte-Catherine and Rue Atateken. While these masterpieces of masonry stood the test of time, they have reached the end of their service lives and must be rehabilitated.

What you need to know about the work site


Mid-June 2022 until the spring of 2023


  • Rue Sainte-Catherine Est between Rue Atateken and Avenue Papineau 
  • Rue Atateken between Boulevard De Maisonneuve Est and Rue Sainte-Catherine Est


  • Preparatory work (mid-June 2022): Clean-up and measurement of collectors, with a pumper truck going to each sewer manhole located in the middle of the road. A sewer manhole is a pit providing access to the collectors.
  • Rehabilitation work (end of October 2022 until the spring of 2023): Insertion of a line smaller in diameter than the inside of the existing line. Concrete grout is then injected between the two lines to fill the spaces and hold the lines in place.


Built out of brick in 1862, these collector sewers are showing structural defects and infiltrations. Rehabilitation work is required to avoid emergency actions, which would entail a major excavation of the street, a complete closure of the traffic lane, and more lengthy work operations.

Progress of work operations and daily impacts

The city implements solutions aimed at mitigating the impacts of work operations on your daily life. Please view our article for work site progress updates and the latest communications shared with residents of the area.