Work and construction in CDN-NDG

Last updated June 9, 2023
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Check out the various works and sites that are being carried out in your neighbourhood this summer by your borough. Find out what type of work is going on on your street.

Between May and December, work will be carried out in the borough to improve existing infrastructures, enhance the quality of life in the neighbourhoods and increase the safety of citizens.

If you are affected by work, you will receive a communication 4 days before the work begins.

The work planned herewith could be postponed to a later date.


A curb extensions involves reducing the width of a street and making intersections safer for all users.

  • Intersection Wilson / Côte-St-Luc
  • Intersection Victoria / Plamondon
  • Intersection Victoria / Barclay
  • Intersection Brighton / Darlington
  • Intersection Ellendale / McShane
  • Intersection Deacon / Van Horne
  • Intersection Somerled / Mariette
  • Intersection Somerled / Saint-Ignatius
  • Intersection Patricia / Harley

A speed bump is a bump in the roadway created for different road users to adjust their speed when approaching it.

  • Addington (entre Notre-Dame-de-Grâce et Côte-St-Antoine)
  • Beaconsfield (entre Notre-Dame-de-Grâce et Sherbrooke)
  • Draper (entre Côte-St-Luc et Somerled)
  • Madison (entre Sherbrooke et De Maisonneuve)
  • Borden (entre Chester et Fielding)
  • Beaconsfield (entre Côte St-Luc et Fielding)
  • Mariette (entre Fielding et Somerled)
  • Walkley (entre De Maisonneuve et Sherbrooke)
  • Montclair (entre de Maisonneuve et Sherbrooke)
  • Hingston (entre Sylvia-Smith et Upper-Lachine)
  • Hampton (entre Sylvia-Smith et Upper-Lachine)
  • Addington (entre St-Jacques et Upper-Lachine)
  • Grey (entre Sherbrooke et Notre-Dame-de-Grâce)
  • Vendôme (entre Sherbrooke et Côte St-Antoine)
  • Jean-Brillant (entre Lemieux et Victoria)
  • Bourret (entre Victoria et Lavoie)
  • Dupuis (entre Legaré et Lavoie)
  • Fendall (entre McKenna et Louis-Colin)
  • Duncan (entre Cavendish et Prince-ofWales)
  • Randall (entre Côte St-Luc et Fielding)
  • West Hill (entre Chester et Fielding)
  • Prince-of-Wales (entre Chester et de Terrebonne) 
  • Godfrey (entre Grand et Benny)

A tree pit is a hollow made for planting a tree or allowing certain cultivation operations.

  • Darlington (entre Goyer et Barclay)
  • Upper-Lachine (entre Girouard et Wilson)
  • Grand Boulevard (entre Godfrey et Monkland)
  • Grand Boulevard (entre Fielding et Côte-St-Luc)
  • Côte-St-Luc (entre Grand et Beaconsfield)
  • Sherbrooke (entre Décarie et Girouard)
  • Sherbrooke (entre Hingston et Grand Boulevard)
  • St-Jacques (entre West-Broadway et Westmore)
  • Brillon (entre Décarie à fin de rue)
  • Borden (entre Fielding et Chester)
  • Trans Island (entre Queen-Mary et Isabella)
  • Beaconsfield (entre Fielding et Côte-St-Luc)
  • Fulton (entre Victoria et fin de rue)
  • Townsend (entre Trenholme et Connaught
  • Lacombe (entre Trans Island et Westbury)

Minor sidewalk, curb and utility work near the following street addresses:

  • Mayfair (entre le 5213 et le 5202)
  • Mariette (entre le 5162 et le 5261 / 5145 et 5165)
  • Montclair (5418 et le 4565)
  • Walkley (entre le 5202 et 5261)
  • Boulevard Grand (4360)
  • Madison (4150)
  • Chester (6366)
  • Montclair (5131)
  • Rosedale (5273)
  • Coronation (4997)
  • Sherbrooke Ouest (6170)
  • Décarie (4331)
  • Melrose (4575)
  • Hingston (entre le 4103 et le 4064)
  • Bourret (entre le 4810 et le 5193)
  • Barclay (5060)
  • Royalmount (6100)
  • Ferrier (5233)
  • Mountain Sights (entre le 7940 et le 7050)
  • Fulton (entre le 4724 et le 4881)
  • Victoria (5351)
  • Coolbrook (entre le 4516 et le 4548)
  • Mira (4900)
  • Van Horne (3195)
  • Goyer (2965)
  • Lavoie (5360)

Lead inlet replacements are identified by the brown color on the map.

The work on the water mains is identified on the map :

  • Division de l’eau potable (DRE) in purple
  • Réhabilitation d’aqueduc en light blue

Sewer rehabilitation works are identified by the dark blue color on the map.

The following work sites are not identified on the map

Avenue Harvard (between De Maisonneuve et Sherbrooke)

  • Construction of sewer and water mains, public utilities and surface infrastructure (pavement and sidewalk)
  • Duration of work: May to fall 2023


Place de la Savane

  • Construction of sewer lines, connections (sewer/aqueduct), roadway and sidewalk repairs
  • Start of work: May 2023

Other projects are also being carried out by the City of Montreal. Consult carte des travaux en cours for more details

It is also possible that work may be carried out by entities other than the City. For example: Bell, Energir, Videotron or a private company.

Major worksites

Work in 2023 for the Réseau express métropolitain