Ayiti chérie - soirées de courts métrages sur Haïti


The Filministes Festival seeks to reach out to the public through cinema with a program that celebrates the culture and realities of the Haitian community in Montréal and America.


Through five short films, the FF wishes to create a space for reflection and dialogue that portrays the richness and complexity of Haitian heritage. Tackling family relationships, racism, nostalgia and first- and second-generation immigration, this event showcases the cinematographic and artistic approaches of several talented directors.

Ayiti Chérie is a screening session highlighting perspectives of Haitian artists on their identity, realities and experiences.

Ayiti Chérie, une séance de courts métrages du Festival Filministes

Avec les films de Miryam Charles, Carmine Pierre-Dufour, Nitsé Mathelier, Rachelle Salnave et Marie-Claude Fournier

During this evening dedicated to Haiti, discover the realities of the community through five short films and meet their directors. In theaters in LaSalle!

In partnership

Un événement présenté dans le cadre du CAM en tournée.

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