Cinéma d'après-midi


Come watch The Outfit in English with French subtitles.


The Outfit was nominated 2 times.

Plot: In 1956 Chicago, Leonard Burling owns a suit shop where he spends his days and nights cutting suits for various clientele, including the local mob run by Roy Boyle. For the most part, it is a peaceful life, and while Boyle’s men seem to hide money in Leonard’s back room, he is kept out of it, and he is thankful for that. However, as Roy’s boys, Richie and Francis, catch wind that this mob network known as “The Outfit” is checking them out, they think it makes for a perfect time to take out their rivals led by Violet Fontaine. But, after a mishap gets one of Boyle’s boys shot, Leonard has to be quick to keep himself alive and his receptionist Mable. (Source Wherever I look)