Le département des retours - Les Sœurs Kif-Kif


Twin sisters play with goods returned to the store. On their conveyor belt, all sorts of dysfunctional objects and manufacturing errors are paraded.


A colourful show combining physical theater, circus, visual arts and puppetry, with the brilliant Sœurs Kif-Kif!

With a love of their work, they treat complaints like opening boxes of candy. Little by little, the temptation to play with the merchandise takes hold of them, but the objects will play more than one trick on them!

Department des retours is a playful look behind the scenes of object production, a moment of freedom where we end up getting attached to a steel-capped slipper.

For young audiences aged 4 and up.

Duration: 50 minutes

In partnership

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Departement des retours


9665 Boulevard Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H8Y 1R4