Les Contes finement adaptés - Théâtre Motus


Discover with your family the tales of our childhood ! Le loup, la chèvre et les sept chevreaux, le petit chaperon-rouge and les trois petits cochons et le loup, have been revisited by the Théâtre Motus! Meet at Parc Leroux for a 25 minutes performance at 10 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.


You’re familiar with: Little Red Riding Hood (11 a.m.)? The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf (2 p.m.)? Mrs. Goat and Her Seven Little Kids (10 a.m.)? A little bit? A lot? Passionately? Madly? Now is the time to come and enjoy them again, but this time with a pandemic flavour.

These three tales of 25 minutes each will be offered separately at Parc Leroux, come see one, two or even better, all three !


Angle de la rue Centrale et de l'avenue Lacharité
Montréal, QC H8P 2C1