L'incroyable secret de Barbe Noire - Franck Sylvestre


Come aboard for this voyage on the Caribbean Sea at a time when pirates ruled and enjoy its use of theatrical masks and puppetry. Make no mistake: the torturers will be cursed and the pirates will pay the price!


Franck Sylvestre tells the story of the curse of Moctezuma, ruler of the Aztecs of Mexico, the conquistador Cortés and the ill-fated Blackbeard. Wanting his grandfather to see out his days in peace and break an evil spell, a young boy seeks advice from a strange night guard, while for Blackbeard, destiny awaits.

A multi-skilled storyteller, Sylvester uses all of his energy and humour to bring an incredible adventure to life and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Auteur et interprète : Franck Sylvestre

Mise en scène : Franck Sylvestre et Johanne Benoît

Conception d’éclairage : Mathieu Marcil

Décors et accessoires : Jeanne Dupré

A family show full of humor and very instructive, l’Incroyable secret de Barbe Noire offers you a colorful journey! From 4 years old at the Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux in LaSalle.

In partnership

Un événement présenté dans le cadre du CAM en tournée.

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