Ma Nature Urbaine de Danse théâtre A'nó:wara


Ma Nature Urbaine, a dance show with plural forms, choreographed by Mohawk artist Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo combines tradition and modernity.


The indigenous vision considers man only as a tiny part of nature, equal to animals, plants, water, winds, sun, moon, etc.

These days, many of us live in cities, seemingly far from any connection with nature. Are we really far from it? Can we keep this contact? What are our relationships with nature in the urban environment? How has this affected us all?

Through the prism of traditional and contemporary indigenous dances and music, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo explores these questions in an attempt to bring new understandings and an unprecedented relationship between the city and Mother Earth.

Come to see the stunning choreography, My Urban Nature, from the Mohawk choreographer Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo. This performance will be preceded by an interactive workshop on Aboriginal dance led by the artist. 

Informations: [email protected]