Mikrokosmos - Jacques Kuba Séguin


In Quebec and Canada, we have a special relationship with winter—a season poor in daylight but rich in idle time.


In the small heated spaces where we pass our time during these long months, we live in microcosms. Time often seems to go by slower and our interactions, although warm, are often less spontaneous. Shuttering ourselves away over winter is reminiscent of the bizarre 2020 that hit the world.

Our northerness and the pause forced by the pandemic inspired Séguin to explore the spaces we inhabit, those we hide and those we have rediscovered. Music becomes a source of hope, an escape for the soul and a return to oneself. This intimacy contrasts with the globality of the situation as much as with the grandeur of winter and the darkness it brings. Mikrokosmos portrays this relationship with winter and intimacy through jazz-inspired pieces from northern Europe.

Trompette & compositions : Jacques Kuba Séguin

Piano : Jonathan Cayer

Basse : Rémi-Jean Leblanc

Batterie : Alain Bourgeois

Du 3 au 10 octobre 2022 : avec ensemble norvégien

Trompette & compositions : Jacques Kuba Séguin

Batterie : Hermund Nygård

Piano : Anders Aarum

Basse : Jens Fossum

Mikrokosmos, a captivating concert full of hope, is a project by trumpet player Jacques Kuba Séguin and will be presented at the Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux in LaSalle. A comforting musical interlude not to be missed!

In partnership

Un événement présenté dans le cadre du CAM en tournée.

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