Noël-Noël and Noël-Noël sous l’emballage


As part of the NFB at les Maisons, come and discover Noël Noël, an animated fable for this holiday season. Noël Noël is an opportunity to get together as a family and enjoy this screening in our theater in LaSalle!


Noël Noël : A magnificent animated fable narrated by Benoît Brière. Christmas belongs to one man: Noël Noël. Gifts, decorations, music, traditions, everything—without exception—is part of the Noël Noël International product line, of which Noël Noël is the CEO and sole shareholder!

Noël-Noël … sous l’emballage : It’s in the box! Yes, the animated Christmas special is ready, just in time for the Christmas launch and the Christmas presents! But what are the talents, passions and aesthetics hidden “under the wraps” of this animated gift? Noël-Noël sous l’emballage takes us behind the scenes at the National Film Board of Canada’s renowned animation studio and introduces us to the creator and his team at work.

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