Participatory budget: Idea gathering workshop in NDG


Showcase your ideas

Got ideas for improving the quality of life in your neighbourhood? Come share them with your neighbours during the first workshop on CDN-NDG’s participatory budget.


The ideas that you contribute during this first phase will become, in subsequent phases, the projects that are ultimately submitted to a vote.

This workshop aims to highlight residents’ knowledge of their neighbourhoods and to offer them a forum for collective exchange where they can come together to imagine the future of the borough. Please drop by and see us whenever you like. Stay for five minutes or spend the morning, alone, as a family or with friends.

Ideas need a place to meet!

On site, a team of hosts as well as creative and interactive stations will allow you to get informed, discuss and improve your ideas, or imagine new ideas while also checking out those of others. This collaborative work will make it possible to create projects that improve the quality of life in the borough.


6400 Avenue de Monkland
Montréal, QC H4B 1H3