Roche, papier, cerceaux! - Duo Hoops en tournée


Becky, alone at home, feels bored. Suddenly, a visit from her friend David opens the door to a world of imagination, and wacky universe unfolds before our eyes. As different as their personalities are, the pair join forces to create a circus show adventure.


Like a little brother, David tries to impress Becky only to realize, to his deep despair, his incredible clumsiness. But no matter, it’s all just for fun!

A beautiful bonding moment centred around highly entertaining numbers perfect for all ages!

Performer/Creator: Samantha Halas
Director/Writer: Krin Haglund
Choreographers: Laurence Racine, Marie-Eve Dicaire
Roller Skating Research: Chloe Seyres 
Juggling Research: Louis Barbier, James Burke
Puppet Research: Colin St. Cyr Duhamel
Puppet Design: Dean Bareham
Rap co-writer: Mike Wood
Lighting Design: Yves Landry-
Pizza Design: Noella Parent
Costume Design: Julie Pelletier
Stage and Production Manager: Tanya Burka

Becky and David become masters of the game in their imaginations, and a wacky universe emerges. Two opposing personalities team up to create a spectacular circus moment!

Presented as part of the Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée.

In partnership

An event presented as part of "CAM en tournée."

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Excerpts from the show


9665 Boulevard Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H8Y 1R4