SuperNova 4 - Productions Félix Stüssi


In a thousand years, only three supernovas have been observed by the naked eye in the Milky Way.


Chances that you’ll ever witness one of these stellar explosions are extremely small, so don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to catch SuperNova 4!

All compositions are deeply rooted in the jazz and blues traditions while turning toward the future, wide open to cosmic influences. Whether you’re “Bonobo” or more “Urubu,” to cite two pieces from the repertoire, this concert will leave you star-struck!

Jean Derome, saxphone alto et baryton, flûte / alto and baritone saxophone, flute

Félix Stüssi, piano

Normand Guilbeault, contrebasse / double bass

Pierre Tanguay, batterie / drum

Conférence pré-concert à partir de 13 h 15.

In partnership

Un événement présenté dans le cadre du CAM en tournée.

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1375 Rue Grenet
Montréal, QC H4L 5K3