Tom - Brigitte Saint-Aubin, Eric Goulet et Michel Roy


Discover or rediscover the classic songs of the famous American singer-songwriter, Tom Waits in this show combining music and cinema! Presented at LaSalle.


This unique show features an encounter between music and cinema: on stage, Brigitte Saint-Aubin, Eric Goulet and Michel Roy revisit a number of songs from the vast repertoire of famous American singer-songwriter Tom Waits. The songs are accompanied by the projection of 15 short black-and-white films. These films, which give off a strong and singular atmosphere that perfectly matches Tom Waits’ literary and musical universe, plunge us into the heart of a tired roadside motel—a place of solitude, a place of transit, a place of celebration, where a gallery of colourful characters come to life.

Script: Brigitte Saint-Aubin
Director: Eric Jean and Daniel Robillard