WATER.sync - L'Idylle des arts vivants


Merging visual art and immersive video, L’Idylle arts vivants invites the audience into a sensorial encounter with water. Bringing together artists and aesthetics, this collective exhibition offers a moving experience, where the global water crisis becomes as tangible as it is alarming.


WATER.sync features perfomative compositions with water, ranging from plastic pollution to climate-related flooding, from water shortages to the impactful beauty of its various landscapes.

The immersive scenography, composed of bodies of water from across the world, showcases our transcendent relationship with this “blue gold” we call water.

Exhibition team

Curator and artists: Alex Côté, Ertra Arico Duval, Zoé Boivin, Lara Kramer, Anne-Marie Asselin, Mireille R. Champagne, Mathieu-Philippe Perras, Marilyne Busque-Dubois, Emmanuel Béhier-Migeon, Marc-Olivier Forand, Julia Sinelnikova

Performance team

Performance: Alex Côté
Dramaturgy: Lara Kramer
Soundscape: Marc-Olivier Forand
Video: Mathieu-Philippe Perras & Alex Côté
Costume: Philippe Gaona
Production: L’Idylle - arts vivants

WATER.sync reveals performative tableaux with water, from plastic pollution to climatic overflow, from the imminent lack of drinking water to the sensory beauty of its landscapes around the world.

Presented as part of Conseil de Montréal en tournée.

In partnership

An event presented as part of "CAM en tournée."

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Overview of the exhibition


9665 Boulevard Gouin Ouest
Montréal, QC H8Y 1R4