Outdoor renovation permits are now available online

Applying for an outdoor renovation permit is now just a few clicks away on montreal.ca. You no longer have to apply for, pay for or renew your permit in person.

Someone working on a construction project outside

Thanks to our online transactional service, renovating your home has never been easier. Whether you want to redo your roof, change doors or windows, renovate protruding elements such as balconies or staircases or install or replace your building’s siding, our platform is accessible 24 hours a day. You can monitor the progress of your application through your account, from the time you submit your application until your permit is issued.

Permits are only available for 15 of the city’s 19 boroughs.

Who needs a renovation permit?

All owners of residential buildings or business establishments as well as contractors applying on behalf of an owner can apply for an outdoor renovation permit online.

Are there outdoor renovations that you’d like to get started on soon? Create an account and complete your application. Then, just pay the applicable fees and your permit will be issued quickly. Avoid lineups and take advantage of our new online service today!