Park chalets in CDN-NDG: An investment of over 8.5 million dollars

Published September 7, 2023 - 3:32 pm
Last updated February 23, 2024 - 10:52 am

In 2024, three parks in the borough will get a new chalet. A new building will be built in Parc Coffee, while those in Parc Van Horne and Parc Mackenzie-King will be completely renovated.

Parc Coffee: A $3.8 million investment
A new chalet will be built in Parc Coffee. It will be constructed in accordance with the LEED Silver requirements, will meet universal accessibility and GBA+ standards, and will offer better energy performance.Among other things, the new building will have a central multi-purpose room and washrooms that are accessible from inside and outside.What’s more, a splash pad will be added to the park and infrastructure to improve rainwater management will be introduced.The work will take place over a one-year period from fall 2023 to fall 2024.

Parc Van Horne: A $1.9M investment
The chalet in Parc Van Horne will benefit from the renovation of its interior and the addition of a multi-purpose room. The work is expected to last 8 months and will begin at the end of September 2023. When the project is completed, the building will be universally accessible, will offer better energy performance and will meet GBA+ standards.

Parc Mackenzie-King: A $2.8M investment
The chalet in Parc Mackenzie-King will be renovated from fall 2023 to spring 2024. The common room will be modernized as a multi-purpose room (technological improvements, ventilation, etc.) and the building will see some architectural improvements. Changing rooms meeting the standards of high-level sports leagues will be added, as well as washrooms with indoor and outdoor access (for use outside the chalet’s opening hours). A trailer will be installed for the duration of the work to temporarily provide washrooms and changing rooms for the skating rink.

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