McTavish pumping station: Refurbishment project

Last updated March 21, 2022
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The McTavish pumping station is a major part of the city’s water infrastructure – and is also a building of historical  interest. It supplies water to 1.25 million residents. In order to allow it to continue to safely provide this function over the long term, repair work is needed.

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July 2020 to the end of 2031


On Avenue du Docteur-Penfield between Rue McTavish and Avenue des Pins Ouest, near the McGill University district and Parc Rutherford.


  • Upgrade and replacement of equipment
  • Improvements to various systems: water distribution, building mechanicals and structure, electricity and automation
  • Modification of the arrangement of equipment for maintenance
  • Repair of infrastructure

Work phases

Phase 1

Preparatory work – July 2020 to December 2022

  • Replacement and reconfiguration of supply and distribution lines under Avenue du Docteur-Penfield
  • Installation of measuring devices, valve chambers and drainage
  • Transfer of a power line
  • Reconstruction of a retaining wall

This work will permit the partial shutdown of the pumping station, which is needed to complete the second phase of the project.

Phase 2

Construction work postponed to 2024. Scheduled completion: 2031

  •  Increasing building wall security
  • Installation of new pumping equipment
  • Construction of new supply pipes for the pumps
  • Upgrading of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Complete redesign and replacement of electrical system
  • Architectural repairs to the station, with conservation of its heritage
  • Landscaping work around the station and in Parc Rutherford
  • Redesign of the embankment at the corner of Avenue du Docteur-Penfield and Rue McTavish


The pumping station was constructed in 1928-1932 and is in operation every day. Its aging equipment must be replaced to ensure the efficient distribution of drinking water.


  • Maintain a reliable, continuous drinking water distribution service
  • Bring infrastructure up to current standards
  • Improve maintenance and increase health and safety levels


  • Greater reliability and durability of infrastructure
  • Increased operational flexibility
  • Preservation of collective heritage for future generations
  • Increased earthquake resistance of the building

Work progress and day-to-day impacts

The city is taking steps to minimize the impact of public works projects on your day-to-day life. Read our article to learn about all project progress and the most recent notices sent to area residents.