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Would you like to know more about Montréal’s past and history, as well as our natural, cultural and architectural heritage? Visit our directory.

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  • Montréal has a very rich archaeological heritage. Here are the different initiatives implemented to ensure its protection, management and interpretation.

  • Are you the owner of a property of heritage interest or will you acquire one soon? Here is what you should know about preserving your building.

  • Montréal strives to recognize people, property or events that have influenced its past. By awarding recognition, the city promotes its history, heritage and culture, and strengthens its urban identity.

  • Toponymy refers to names given to public sites, including streets, parks and other public places in the city. How does the city choose these names? Learn more about place-naming in Montréal.

  • An enduring witness to our history, our ways of life and our savoir faire, urban heritage defines our Montréal identity. A variety of initiatives help to protect, enhance and interpret our heritage, allowing it to be transmitted to future generations.