Maintenance and Traffic

Construction and Street Closings

Find out about the work sites in the city and how they will affect your daily life. Use the Obstructions and construction info service to locate obstructions and learn more about important projects underway.

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  • Carrying out work and your container is encroaching on city property? Want to reserve space on the street for your moving truck? Want to install a commercial terrace? Find out which type of permit you need to apply for.

  • Montréal is responsible for only 30% of the construction projects taking place within its territory. The purpose of all this work is to provide the population with a quality road network, sustainable water and sewer systems and an enjoyable neighbourhood.

  • All year long, the city makes sure that streets, lanes and sidewalks are kept clean. Thanks to regular maintenance and prevention operations, people can get around Montréal safely. Our public works teams respond quickly when you report a problem to us.