Montréal’s construction sites charter: Working together for exemplary sites

Last updated May 12, 2021
Reading time: 1 min

The city has adopted a charter for construction sites to promote best practices among its teams, external partners and private developers on construction sites, whether they are repairing or rebuilding municipal infrastructures.

These construction projects inevitably impact Montrealers’ everyday live. The charter, which is supported by our external partners (the STM, the Commission des services électriques de Montréal, Énergir, Bell, Hydro-Québec, etc.), aims to support mobility, keep the public safe and limit construction nuisances. The quality of people’s lives and our city’s economic vitality depend on it. 

Tangible commitments

This chart has three levers for which the city and its external partners have made tangible commitments that they intend to carry out on an ongoing basis: 

  • Accessibility, safety and mobility
  • Impact management and mitigation measures
  • Communications
  • The environment


Here are some of the city’s commitments around these four levers: 

  • Ensure pedestrian mobility and accessibility through safe corridors. Ensure that signs do not block pedestrians’ path and that street furniture (electric pools, street lamps, etc.) are used to install signage whenever possible.
  • Increase efforts to cover or remove orange cones and signage at the end of a project. 
  • Make sure that signs that limit parking are installed between 12 and 14 hours before the construction project begins. Make sure that no parking periods are clearly indicated and correspond to times during which there is activity on the construction site.