Maintenance and Traffic


Get a residents-only parking sticker. Find parking meters, municipal parking lots and reserved spaces for people with reduced mobility. Pay a ticket. Find a towed vehicle.

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  • In order to facilitate self-service vehicle parking, several boroughs permit the use of residents-only street parking zones. Learn more about which boroughs allow SSV parking in these zones.

  • Street parking is prohibited at times to provide for snow loading. “No parking” signs are put up: make sure you comply with them.

  • Learn about the types of infractions that are handled by the municipal court as well as what you need to do if you receive a statement of offence.

  • If you want to park your car on the street in Montréal, you need to pay attention to signage. Parking is generally paid on major thoroughfares and shopping streets. In some sectors, parking spaces are reserved for residents if they have a permit.