Neighbourhood Life

Find out what your neighbourhood is up to: Block parties, street activities, yard sales, get-togethers in parks and day camps.

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  • Want to let people in your neighbourhood know about a show or a community activity? Are you organizing a garage sale? Lost your cat? Do you offer classes and want to get the word out? Here is what’s available.

  • Organize or participate in a collective cleanup or report a situation requiring a cleanup. In addition to making your neighbourhood a nicer, more welcoming place, this activity also helps strengthen bonds with neighbors and unite residents for a common cause.

  • Community gardens and collective gardens: Many boroughs offer you the chance to tend a vegetable garden. Find the right type of garden for your needs and enjoy taking part in urban agriculture.

  • Want to sign your child up for day camp? During winter break and in the summer, the city’s boroughs offer more than 170 day camps for children ages 3 to 16. Choose from among a wide spectrum of options.

  • Would you like to spruce up your flower beds or improve the soil of your vegetable garden? Plants and compost are available free of charge in Montréal. See what your borough has to offer.

  • Thinking of creating a green alleyway in your neighbourhood? There are several steps involved in doing so, from mobilizing local residents to obtaining the support available through your borough.

  • Want to use the Internet? The city has developed the free MTLWiFi network, which is available in municipal libraries. You can also use a computer or tablet on site.

  • Pedestrian and shared-use streets, whether permanent or seasonal, provide a safe, enjoyable walking environment in the heart of the city. Try one out and you’ll discover new meeting places and opportunities for relaxation and entertainment in the heart of your favourite neighbourhoods.

  • Outdoor pianos are available all summer long in public places around Montréal. Try them out!

  • As soon as the warm weather returns, food trucks roll out into the boroughs of Montréal. These trucks have become a fixture at several local events.