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Buying and Selling a Home

What should you know before buying or selling a home? Home purchase assistance program, pre-emption rights (first option to buy) and property transfer.

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  • The pre-emptive right gives the city the priority to purchase certain buildings or lots in order to create community projects. Are you the owner of a building affected by this measure? Find out everything you need to know about the pre-emptive right.

  • Would you like to build a single-family home or a plex? Are you developing a major real estate project? Would you like to build an outbuilding, such as a shed or garage? Before you begin work, find out about applicable rules as well as what permits you need.

  • Social and community housing is developed by cooperatives, non-profit organizations and the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal. It is subsidized by the city’s community housing program and that of the Québec government.

  • When and how should you pay your “welcome tax” when you buy a home? Under which circumstances are reimbursements or exemptions allowed? If you have recently bought a home or condo in Montréal, here’s what you need to know.