An account to access city services

Last updated June 14, 2024

Get a permit, receive alerts and report issues: Create your account on to request services or create applications and track their progress. It’s fast, easy and free of charge!

Making your online business easier

You can use your account to conduct business with the city and track the progress of your applications and service requests.

Your personal information is centralized in one place. Enter it just once and use it again and again in your online applications and service requests. 

Your account can be used both on the Web site and the Montréal  —  Resident Services app.

Your data are protected

All your data are kept confidential. They will never be shared with third parties for marketing purposes. You will not receive advertisements or be solicited without your consent.

One login for several profiles

Personal profile

To create service requests and applications in your own name and manage your communication preferences.

Organization profile

To create service requests and applications on behalf of a company, association, etc.

Personal profile

Does your pet need a license? Would you like to view the balance of your tax account? Use your personal profile for these services and track your requests and applications. 

Your personal profile is automatically created when you create an account.

Organization profile

Are you using our services as part of your job? Are you the representative of an organization? Use an organization profile to create and track applications and service requests.  

Organization profiles are for:

  • Companies
  • Co-ops
  • Non-profits
  • Public organizations
  • Self-employed workers

You can invite members to join your organization and assign them different levels of access. They can create new applications or track applications that have been submitted by your organization.

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