MTLWiFi, Internet access free of charge

MTLWiFi provides you with Wi-Fi access free of charge at several locations: At the library, in the park, in certain borough offices, at tourist sites, and on commercial streets. Find out where and how you can log in.


Our wireless connectivity service is accessible to everyone and easy to use. Our network is one of the most extensive networks in Canada.

Find a MTLWiFi site

You can connect to the Internet at more than 275 locations in Montréal.

Log in to the network

Simply add a new Wi-Fi network on your telephone, tablet or computer. 

  • Service set identifier: MTLWiFi 
  • Password: none 

The connection is immediate. 

Features of the service  

Level of service  

  • Access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Bandwidth: Up to 30 megabytes per second, per user, enough to browse the Internet and access the city’s digital services. 
  • Frequency: 5 gigahertz for a better signal and less interference  


  • Network: Open, not encrypted  
  • Communication between devices: None, to limit hacking  
  • Firewall: Yes, to limit external attacks and block access to sensitive or criminal websites  

Need assistance? 

If the network seems inaccessible at one of the sites listed, or if you can’t connect to the Internet, please contact us.

Respect the rules of use

When you use MTLWiFi, you agree to comply with the terms of use, including the privacy policy.