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“Montréal en statistiques”

“Montréal en statistiques” publishes data that helps to create socio-economic profiles of the city’s neighbourhoods. On this French-language site, you’ll find graphics, charts and maps of data.

Access to a computer or a tablet

The services available to Montréal library users include Internet access, access to spreadsheet programs and word processing software, printing, digitization, and document photocopying.

Access to information

Would you like to view a city or borough document? City and borough files are available to you.


Find out how to get a pet license or to report an aggressive dog or a dead animal on a public road. You can also notify the city about other situations involving animals.

Ash trees

If you have one or more ash trees on your property, you must take care of them and have them treated every two years against the emerald ash borer. Find out what your obligations are and what support is available.

Authorization for work involving the water and sewer systems

See our how-tos so you can plan work that involves the waterworks and sewer systems. You’ll find out the steps you need to take, how much time to plan for and how to get permits and authorizations, if needed.

Calculating your contribution for social, affordable and family housing

Are you a real estate developer who is planning a residential project in Montréal? Would you like to understand your obligations under the By-law for a Diverse Metropolis. Get an overview with our online service.


CITÉ+ provides information on taxation and on real estate and rental valuation for all property located within the Montréal agglomeration. Users are exclusively real estate professionals.

Collection schedules

Would you like to know when garbage collectors will be on your street to pick up trash? Using your postal code, you can find information about collections through the Info-collectes service.

Commercial terrace on private property

In order to build a terrace in the yard attached to the restaurant or bar that you operate, you must meet the standards established by the borough and apply for a permit.