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Opening of tenders

Have you responded to a public tender and would like to view the opening of tenders? Here is how to do it.

Parking stickers

To park your vehicle in residents-only zones, you must have a valid parking sticker. Read on to find out how to obtain, renew or replace a sticker in your borough. Some boroughs offer short-term stickers for non-residents.

Public property occupancy permit

This permit lets the holder install a commercial terrace, a temporary structure, or a permanent element that encroaches on city property.

Public security

In boroughs where public security teams are present, they conduct preventive patrols in certain districts of concern. They help make the community feel safer.

Réalisons Montréal

Réalisons Montréal (Making Montréal) is a digital platform designed to get citizens involved. It’s a place where you can give your opinion and find out about projects affecting the city.

Recycling used batteries

Do you have rechargeable or disposable batteries that are no longer useful? Bring them to one of our drop-off locations for recycling. We also accept cell phone batteries.

Rent rooms and outdoor sites in nature parks

Stage your events against the beautiful backdrop of the nature parks.

Renting the Chalet du Mont-Royal

The Chalet du Mont-Royal is a prestigious historic building. Its location and architecture make it a very popular place, and a number of events take place there each year.

Reserve a room at a library

Rooms are available at libraries for group discussions or workshops. All you need to do is reserve in advance using your library card.

Search for by-laws

This online service enables you to find, consult, download and print Montréal by-laws.