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Free support to abuse victims with no legal status or awaiting legal status

As part of the access to city services without fear policy, Montréal offers a free, confidential support service to recent immigrants who are victims of abuse or crime. This service is provided by the Crime Victims Assistance Centre (CAVAC) of Montréal.


Want to remove graffiti from your house or garage door, or to report graffiti on street furniture in your neighbourhood?

Home book loan service

The home book loan service allows people ages 65 and over or people with limited mobility who have a library subscription to receive books or other documents at home free of charge, without having to go in person to the library.

Index of Montréal’s main streets

They cross Montréal from east to west or from north to south. They are a popular tourist destination because of their shops or their history. When you learn their stories, you’ll never see them the same way. Visit the index of Montréal’s main streets.

Info-travaux map

Before heading out into the city, check out the Info-Travaux map.  This tool allows you to locate all the major projects underway on our roads, find out how they affect the traffic, and better plan your trips.

Inter-library loans with libraries outside of Montréal’s library network

The inter-library loan service with libraries outside of Montréal’s library network lets users have a book or a document delivered by another organization. This service is offered free of charge to all library subscribers.

Issues inside a dwelling

If you are a tenant and your dwelling is poorly heated, does not meet sanitation standards or has rodents, we can help.

Land use planning interactive maps

View our interactive maps to find information on zoning, heritage areas, protected spaces and much more.

Learn about place names

The Répertoire historique des toponymes montréalais is an online service (in French) that allows you to learn about the origins and meaning of the names of streets, places, parks, buildings and other public sites in Montréal.

Library subscription

A library subscription allows residents and non residents to benefit from the many services and resources offered across Montréal’s library network. Subscribers receive an individual library card.