Land use planning interactive maps

View our interactive maps to find information on zoning, heritage areas, protected spaces and much more.


Interactive maps allow you to visualize a great deal of data related to land use planning and urban development.


  • Display several layers simultaneously
  • Zoom to a particular area
  • Different views possible: streets, topography, aerial view, etc.
  • Map automatically resizes to screen dimensions
  • Sharing option

Land-use planning and development concept

View data from the Schéma d’aménagement, in particular land use designations, density, heritage and natural habitats

Urban Plan

View maps showing land use, construction density and the polygons representing the Special Urban Planning Programs (PPU) of the Urban Plan.

Map of boroughs

The interactive map of Montréal’s boroughs lets you choose your borough to access some 20 different themes. You can easily locate municipal buildings, view zoning and urban planning data, learn more about collection zones, etc.


  • Collection zones
  • Heritage
  • Urban planning
  • Merchant association
  • Active transportation and car-sharing
  • MTLWiFi
  • Electoral districts
  • Borough hall

How to use the map

1. Select a borough at the top right of the map, then select the category at the bottom right.
2. Next, enter your address in the top left hand corner to see a precise view of the neighbourhood. You can zoom in using the mouse.