Pets and Insects

Wildlife and Insects

Coyotes, birds, raccoons, rats … find out what to do when you encounter wild animals.

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  • Bed bugs propagate rapidly and can be found in all types of homes, whether clean or unsanitary. In order to get rid of these infestations, it’s important to act quickly. Learn what you need to do.

  • Montréal is home to a variety of birds, rodents and wild mammals. How can you prevent squirrels from getting into your garbage bins? What should you do if you see a pigeon that is injured or a dead skunk? Learn more about what to do in these situations.

  • The island of Montréal is home to species of insect pests that can be harmful to plants and property. Find out how to prevent or limit damage to your property.

  • Have you seen rats on a property or inside your dwelling? Find out everything you need to know about what to do next.

  • Have you seen what you suspect is a coyote? What should you do? In general, coyotes do not pose a threat to human safety, provided that certain guidelines are observed. In particular, it’s important never to feed a coyote. Learn more about what to do if you should encounter a coyote.