Rodent control

Last updated March 22, 2024

Have you seen rats on a property or inside your dwelling? Find out everything you need to know about what to do next.

Rats may appear on the surface when sewers and drains are damaged, as well as during excavation work.

Rodents can enter a home in various ways:

  • an unused opening in the plumbing
  • a broken pipe or a crack measuring more than 15 mm in a building wall 
  • meal scraps tossed in the toilet or a garbage disposal unit

Houses and stores

The problem is located in the sewers connecting the building to the collector pipe — the part for which the owner is responsible.

The property owner is responsible for contacting a certified exterminator and taking the required corrective action.

What to do if rats are observed in a dwelling or a home

If you observe rats inside your dwelling, you must notify your landlord immediately.

Establishments offering food services

The presence of rats in establishments offering food services (restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) comes under the responsibility of the city’s Division de l’inspection des aliments (in French).

On public property

If you observe rats in a park, alley or any other place accessible to the public, immediately contact 311.

Use of pesticides

Pesticides used to exterminate rats belong to the rodenticide category.

It is not necessary to obtain a permit to use these types of pesticides inside a building or inside sewers.

 For use outside buildings, the exterminator must get an annual permit to use commercial pesticides. A list of companies that hold a permit is available.

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