Ecological Transition

Learn about the city’s efforts and achievements in collaboration with the boroughs and its partners to move forward on ecological transition.

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  • Have you heard people talking about biodiversity and want to know more? Would you like to know how you can do your part? Find out more about biodiversity in the heart of the city.

  • Fighting climate change is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. To address this challenge, the city must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions considerably and become carbon-neutral over the next 24 years. This is a collective effort in which everyone must participate, including companies, organizations, governments and citizens.

  • Community gardens and collective gardens: Many boroughs offer you the chance to tend a vegetable garden. Find the right type of garden for your needs and enjoy taking part in urban agriculture.

  • Would you like to spruce up your flower beds or improve the soil of your vegetable garden? Plants and compost are available free of charge in Montréal. See what your borough has to offer.

  • Are you planning to use pesticides? Please be advised that the use of domestic pesticides is regulated, as is the use of residential and commercial pesticides outside buildings.