Montréal 2030: A First Strategic Plan

Last updated December 8, 2020
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Montréal 2030 embodies a vision for meeting current and future challenges. This strategic plan will be deployed over 10 years. It includes four action areas, three scales, and 20 action priorities. In order to guide the city’s recovery, it will be applied across human, neighbourhood and city scales.

Like most large cities, Montréal is recovering from the unprecedented crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The municipal administration is embarking on a recovery guided by a vision for the future geared towards  bolstering the city’s economic, social and ecological resilience. This strategic plan will give us the means, collectively, to improve our quality of life and the quality of services offered to Montréal residents.

Four areas of action

Speed up the ecological transition 

The city is committed to accelerating its ecological transition by taking concrete steps to reduce GHGs and limit the scope of climate change while adapting to it and building greater urban resilience. The ecological transition invites us to look at new ways of consuming, producing, working and living together in order to address the leading social and environmental challenges of our time.

Strengthening solidarity, equality and inclusion

The city is determined to ensure that no one is left behind and to further strengthen solidarity and resilience in the broader urban community. It is committed to implementing concrete measures to protect and respect human rights, fight racism and systemic discrimination, and actively support actions that promote solidarity. Additionally, it is committed to reducing inequalities and income gaps within its population and across the full breadth of its social and cultural diversity.

Promoting democracy and participation

The city will work to make governance more participative, open and transparent so that residents, across the full scope of their diversity and without exclusion, have the opportunity and the means to contribute to public decision-making and the city’s development while helping improve their living environments.

Stimulate innovation and creativity

The city is committed to promoting the growth of an organizational culture that’s open to urban experimentation and to learning from its mistakes. It is working to find sustainable solutions to urban challenges in collaboration with residents as well as university, cultural and institutional communities.

Actions on three scales

Montréal is experienced, shaped and built on different scales. 

The human scale

Acting on this scale means implementing concrete measures to ensure that Montrealers’ rights are respected. The objective, in this case, is to give everyone access to services and infrastructures that will help them realize their full potential. It means allowing residents to participate, through actions large and small, in the city’s social and economic life; it means giving them a chance to help build the city of their dreams, a city built for the future.


Actions on a neighborhood scale are essential, as it is on the local scale that everyday life is experienced and that an attachment to Montréal takes root. These actions are aimed at creating safe and high-quality living environments that offer local residents equal access to services and infrastructures, notably in the areas of sustainable mobility, housing and employment. Within the framework of ecological transition, they must also help reduce GHGs, support efforts to make the city greener, and increase biodiversity.

The city

Actions on a city-wide scale are essential to addressing the scope of the challenges we are facing. They are aimed at promoting the city’s attractiveness, prosperity and reputation on the world stage. Through such actions, the city can help bring about stronger and more sustainable transformations, whether in relation to land use, infrastructure, or major economic orientations.

An approach based on consultation

Even before the health crisis, the city had undertaken a consultation and strategic alignment exercise with 12,500 people, residents and municipal employees. This initiative served to highlight the urgent need to take action on climate change, and it was improved as a result of the lessons learned from the pandemic. 

Montréal 2030,first and foremost, means lending a listening ear and taking action to revitalize the city in accordance with our collective values and aspirations. It is a recovery without compromise, a call to all our partners and the greater Montréal community, including companies, governments, local neighbourhoods, and residents, to mobilize in the effort to make our city more resilient, green and inclusive.

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