Collections and Recycling

Sort your garbage, get collection schedules, compost, recycle and find out what you can take to the ecocentre.

I'm looking for

  • Old furniture, household appliances, boards, construction or renovation debris. Find out how to get rid of bulky items you no longer use.

  • Would you like to give a second life to items that are still usable? Do you need to get rid of construction materials or products that are hazardous to people’s health or the environment? Ecocentres can take them.

  • Can I put all of my food waste in my brown bin? What about my pizza box?Find practical information to guide you.

  • Garden debris, hedge trimmings, grass and dead leaves  —  what should you do with green waste? Find practical information about green waste collections here.

  • Cans of paint, cleaning products, used oil, used batteries and dead lightbulbs, etc. Find out how to safely dispose of toxic, inflammable, corrosive or explosive products.

  • Are you wondering what you can throw in the garbage at home? Or at what time you should put out the trash? Find practical information about household waste collections here.

  • Are you wondering which materials you can recycle? Find practical information about recycling collections here.