Maintenance and Traffic

Snow Removal

Get ready for winter: Understand the city signs, find out where to park your car and learn about snow removal operations.

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  • Montréal can get severe winter storms. What does the city do in such situations? Find out what you need to know about major snow storms, ice storms and blizzards.

  • Street parking is prohibited at times to provide for snow loading. “No parking” signs are put up: make sure you comply with them.

  • In Montréal, snow clearing on private property is subject to certain rules. Learn about key instructions to be followed for residential properties, merchants’ parking areas, and industrial lots.

  • Are you a snow removal contractor looking for a place to put the snow that you’ve cleared from a lot? Montréal’s snow disposal sites are places where you can dump your load.

  • Snow removal on sidewalks and streets facilitates travel in Montréal during winter. Here is everything you need to know about municipal snow removal services, including plowing on sidewalks, the progress of snow loading operations, and tips for facilitating operations.