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Do you have work to do on your home? Find out about subsidies and get the permits you need.

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  • Do you have an air conditioning or cooling unit that uses drinking water? As of in January 2018, residents are required to replace these types of units with a fully compliant air conditioning unit, heat pump or other system. Find out everything you need to know.

  • Provincial and federal standards apply to staircases, terraces, balconies and awnings. Montréal residents must also comply with regulations in their borough.

  • In Montréal you must follow certain rules when installing or replacing doors and windows. Regulations differ for exterior and interior doors and windows as well as bay windows.

  • An excavation permit is required to carry out certain work operations on private or public property. If the work concerns water or sewer services, a cutting permit is required. Find out which permit to apply for, depending on the situation.

  • In Montréal, a rental building cannot be converted into a divided co-ownership. However, under certain conditions and in specific areas only, property owners can obtain an exemption from borough council. Find out everything you need to know.

  • Want to change your roof covering? Build a balcony? Replace doors and windows? Move a staircase? Before undertaking the work, learn what you need to know about the applicable regulations and the required permits.

  • Montréal residents must comply with certain criteria when choosing exterior siding for a building. The regulations in force in your borough apply to the installation and replacement of brick, stone and wood siding.

  • To use a garbage container or a construction dumpster, you must meet certain standards. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Are you planning to renovate the inside of your home, tear down a wall or change the number of dwellings? Before undertaking the work, learn what you need to know about the applicable regulations and the required permits.

  • Carrying out work and your container is encroaching on city property? Want to reserve space on the street for your moving truck? Want to install a commercial terrace? Find out which type of permit you need to apply for.

  • Would you like to build a single-family home or a plex? Are you developing a major real estate project? Would you like to build an outbuilding, such as a shed or garage? Before you begin work, find out about applicable rules as well as what permits you need.

  • In order to install a pool or spa on a residential property, you must comply with various safety standards, and the provincial regulation. In certain cases, you are also required to obtain a permit.

  • Montréal has different regulations for flat roofs and sloped roofs. There are rules you must follow during roof construction, renovation or maintenance.

  • Whether you want to install a pergola, a garden pavilion or a spa shelter, there are standards that must be met. Learn more.

  • Do you use a wood-burning heating system? Since 2015, the city has regulated the use of solid fuel-burning appliances in each of Montréal’s 19 boroughs. Learn more about this new by-law.

  • Do you have a renovation project? Do you want to do a demolition? Do you need a permit? Urban development is subject to regulations that vary according to land use in each zone. Gather information before starting.

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