Last updated October 14, 2021

Do you have a renovation project? Do you want to do a demolition? Do you need a permit? Urban development is subject to regulations that vary according to land use in each zone. Gather information before starting.

Planning regulations

Each borough uses its zoning by-law to manage the use of land and buildings, and to regulate new construction. The goal is to ensure development is harmonious and follows the key orientations of the Urban Plan.

Urban planning permits and certificates

To ensure planning by-laws are followed, you must get a permit or certificate for all projects subject to these regulations.

Issuing the permit or certificate means land use planning issues have been checked.

If you plan to construct, renovate, demolish or use a lot or building, you must contact the permits counter of your borough in order to learn what requirements you must meet before starting the work.

Variances and special cases

When a project does not fit within standards due to the nature of the work or because of particular characteristics of the lot or building or of the area where it will occur, you may have to request a variance (in Montréal, this is sometimes called a “derogation” after the French term), or follow additional regulatory procedures.

Permit counter

Find a point of service to obtain information or submit a permit application.

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